Internship Technical Programs

To start the internship;
  • You need to have the “Internship Notification Form" approved by the workplace / institution you are going to do internship and submit to your supervisor at least 15 days before the start of the internship.
  • Your consultant must approve the workplace / institution where you will do your internship.
  • You should deliver the envelope (Certificate of Appreciation and Internship Evaluation Form) which you will receive from the Vocational School Directorate to your workplace.
    • If you do not receive the Certificate of Appreciation and Internship Evaluation Form, you can obtain it at
  •     You should download your internship book at
    • Always fill your internship book with a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen.
    • At least one page “daily extended report" must be completed for each day.
    • In the conclusion part, you should give information about the workplace and the department and indicate the extent to which the expectations of your program in the Internship Guide are met and what you have learned.

You can forward your questions and problems to your advisor or to internship commission at We wish you a successful and useful internship period.

Asst. Prof. Yasemin ŞENGÜL