Program Objectives

As the Child Development Department, our aim is  to develop program for children having normal progress aged between 0-18 , children in need of protection ( special kids, children living separated from their families,  working children and children who are prone to or exposed to  violence) and children’s all zone of development  in hospitals ( mental, language, motor skills, self-care, social and emotional) and educate child development specialists supporting children, families, teachers and society. In the child development program, identifying talents according to multiple intelligence and children’s skills and behaviors and organizing the education accordingly are the prior conditions. Improving creative thinking for children and giving importance to learning by practice and experience as a motivation are aimed.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

According to the DGS (Dikey Geçiş Sınavı / Vertical Transfer Exam) result, they can switch over to the 4 year sections related to their field. 

Related 4 year programs

  • Child Development
  • Preschool Teaching

Career Opportunities

  • Public preschools
  • Private preschools
  • Child clinics at hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Public and private preschools managed by Turkish Social Service and Children Protection Institution
  • Child clubs at hotels, touristic facilities and shopping malls
  • Playgrounds at sports centers
  • Designers for child book publishers and toys