Program Objectives

Increasing trade relations with Turkey's neighbors and the World, consistency problems encountered in the European Union and the Customs Union, specific rules and dynamics of globalization makes a well-trained labor force in this sector a priority requirement.

The purpose of the Foreign Trade Program, is to educate students as individuals who, have knowledge about law, economics, politics and social sciences, use foreign language skills and have professional skills in foreign trade. Another important objective is that our graduates, who are well-trained, have professional responsibility and work ethics, are sought in the business areas.

In addition, our students participate in a 30-day workplace practice training and reinforce their theoretical knowledge with practical experiences and they come together with the business fields and people they will work in the future.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

According to the DGS (Dikey Geçiş Sınavı / Vertical Transfer Exam) result, they can switch over to the 4 year sections related to their field. 

Related 4 year programs

1. European Union Relations

2. Banking

3. Banking and Finance

4. Banking and Insurance

5. Labor Economics and Industrial Relations

6. Economics

7. Economics and Finance

8. Economics

9. Business

10. Business Information Management

11. Business Informatics

12. Business - Economics

13. Logistics Management

14. Capital Market

15. International Finance

16. International Relations and European Union

17. International Business

18. International Trade

19. International Trade and Finance

20. International Trade and Business

Career Opportunities

1. Export and import companies

2. The European Union's representative in Turkey

3. Banks

4. Companies offering customs procedures and services

5. Customs Brokerage

6. National and International Trade and Logistics Firms

7. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade

8. Academic Career for Continuing Undergraduate Studies with Vertical Transfer